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What is TopNames.org?

TopNames.org is a domain tools/analyzing service. Our goal is to deliver daily lists of premium domains that have expired or are pending the start of an auction. There are two options to provide these lists: default newsletters and custom newsletters. Also, our team prepares very useful tools that serves every domainer in the industry, including domain stats checker, end-user finder, domain bulk parser, domaining article archives and much more.

What type of domains do you support?

Currently, we only support domains that are expiring, or have expired and which are auctioned by namejet.com, snapnames.com or pool.com. We DO NOT support auction events, showcase domains, or domains that offered for private sale by owner.

What are the TLDs you support?

We only support com, net and org.

Do I need to enable the cookies in my browser?

Yes, the login to your account requires cookies and it is 100% safe.

Which browsers will provide optimized viewing for TopNames.org website?

We highly recommend using one of the following browsers for best viewing: IE8+, Google Chrome, Firefox 16+, Safari, Opera 10+ or Avant Browser.

What is the time of resetting the daily query limits?

Daily limits are reset at 12 AM CST.

Should I add your email address to my contact list?

Well, although our DNS and domain name indicated as a trusted sender, we highly recommend adding the email address (ns@topnames.org) to your contact list. Since we have to send bulk newsletters each single day, as our main job, there is still a chance these lists may be marked as spam either by technical issues or email provider mistake.

If I do a search on your site, will the results be shared with the other users or any third party?

Absolutely No, all searches made by our users are private.

What is a default newsletter?

It is a pre-defined domain drop list, prepared to include valuable domains, arranged into 5 sections:

  • Top Brandable: This section contains all the types of patterns that may indicate a valuable domain, including patterns by alphabetical order like (CVCV, CVCY, HCC …etc) or by special mode of words like (Adj+ Nouns, Duplicate Nouns, Rhyme Combination and more).
  • Top Metrics: This section contains the most important criteria like Search Volume, CPC, Alexa rank, Competition, Age etc.
  • Top Mode: This section contains the types of domains according to their mode. It may involve Dictionary Domains, Single Word, Typo Domains and more.
  • Top Category: This section contains several lists of domains that classified according to their categories like Pure US Geo, Pure EU Geo, Wiki titles and more.
  • Top Leads: This section contains two types of domains, the .com domain that has a developed websites on its low level TLDs, and .net domain that has a developed website on its upper level TLD (.com). These types of domains can be easily flipped by an end-user.

How could I receive a domain list of any of these types?

Simply, go to the default newsletter section, check the box of a list that you need and click "Save". However, some lists require a specific membership plan to be available.

I was receiving drop lists every day, but now I don't, while the lists I want are already selected?

Hmm... it seems you have stopped the flow of your newsletters by mistake. Please go to (My Account -> Newsletter Settings), and activate it again.

How many domains that can be received according to these types, and how big are they?

Well, this is strongly depends on the daily number of drops for a specific domain type (Top Brandable, Top Category ...etc). So the number of domains per newsletter can be varying. However, you still able to narrow your list by selecting only the options those are valuable for you.

Regardless of the number in the actual list, the list is still clear and searchable, in comparison with the hard manual research on thousands of daily drops.

What is special about Privilege subscription and the end-user domains list?

The Privilege subscription plan is a special way to get a list of all expired .com domains that have a functioning developed website in English language on their lower TLDs (net & biz). Since the daily process of researching and finding potential end-users is a hard job often involving a waste of time & effort, we have developed a completely new way to deliver these kinds of domains to the right investor who knows how to flip these domains to maximum profit.

Do you guarantee that each domain under (Top Leads) category has a certain end-user?

No, our job is only to indicate that there is a potential buyer who may need this domain for his business. We use common rules that recognize that, like most of the low level TLD websites looking for acquiring the upper level, some of the upper level holders may need to protect their brand by acquiring the low level extensions and so on.

I got this message "Your subscription plan doesn't allow to view this report!" when I tried to open End-User report page?

Since viewing this report requires a login to the members area, it seems you have duplicate accounts (Free & Paid), and you are logged in the wrong one. Try to login again and access from your authorized account.

I have been redirecting to error page every time I try to view drops list in my private access area?

It seems either you are trying to view an old drop list from an old newsletter or you have modified the page URL by mistake.

What is custom newsletters?

Custom newsletters are one of the main TopNames services for domain drops. They provide a smart and wide range of options in order to build a drop lists according to your criteria & preferences. However, this service requires a privilage subscription to be activated.

What are the special features of custom newsletters?

With our smart customazation platform, you'll be able to specify the exact domain criteria based on your interest. Furthermore, the options panel offers the ability to exclude wide range of unsolicited syllables or characters, which is not available with the default lists.

How many custom lists that can be built by user?

The customization platform is only available for our privilage subscribers. They can build unlimited number of different lists. However, all the customized domain lists will be delivered in a single newsletter, when they are available.

Is there an option of monthly recurrence for subscription plans?

Unfortunately, we don't provide automatic monthly renewal. If your account is not kept in balance, you may need to renew your subscription by making a new order every month.

Do you offer "Money Back Guaranteed" for dissatisfaction conditions?

We don't offer "Money Back Guaranteed", as most of our services can be reviewed and tested during our free subscription plan. However, we offer a limited refund where the service has been unavailable for prolonged periods beyond our control.

What will happen if I didn't renew my paid subscription after it gets expired?

Your account will be converted into a Free subscription plan.

What will happen to my newsletter settings and preferences if I didn't renew my paid subscription?

Your subscription plan, your settings and preferences will be kept without any change or removal, and it'll be re-activated again once you purchase a new subscription.

Am I able to cancel my subscription and delete my account permanently?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, you simply send us an email with your request, we we'll process it manually. If your paid membership plan still active, you have to wait until the expiring day, and then your account will be deleted as you requested.

What is the source of domain stats like (Alexa Rank, Google PR, Backlinks, etc)?

All domain stats info are collected either from the original source or a third party API. All of them are fresh & up to date.

What is the source of keyword stats like (US Search Volume, CPC, Competition, etc)?

These data are provided by SemRush, the leader of keyword research companies, in addition of some other data sources. However, the data might be several months out of date, but we work to update them frequently. In any case, you are still able to verify them by clicking the referral link associated with these stats.

How often do you update the keywords database?

Our keyword database is updates once every 6 months.

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