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Domain Bulk Parser

Parse your list of domains and get full stats for each keyword. Information may include:

  • Parsed Words / Language - For example, for English, all words combine to form a domain name that is from the English dictionary.
  • Category - US Geo Place, EU Geo Place, US Travel, Product, Personal Name, Wiki Definition and more.
  • Patterns - CC, NN, LLL, CVCV & VCVC, Premium Vowels, CVCVC & VCVCV, Premium Letters, ABAB, etc.
  • Dictionary - English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
  • Keyword Stats - US Exact Search Volume, CPC and Competition.
  • Enter domains between 2 to 23 chars.
  • Supported extensions are com, net, org, info, biz, us and popular ccTLDs.
  • Instantly copy-paste any input from CSV, HTML or text file and they will be parsed automatically.

Queries are limited to 10 / day for unregistered users.
List your domains, one per line. Limit entry to 500 at a time

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