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What is TopNames and how it works?

The Company:

TopNames is a domain name research company specializing in producing domain drops and special tools by classification for domain investors and SEO professionals. We focus on delivering default and customized newsletters with valuable domain drops on a daily basis. We offer the most powerful tools for domain flippers, developers, and investors, with tools such as the End User Finder, Domain Stats Checker, Domain Crawler, Bulk Parsing with keyword extraction, and much more.

The company was launched in February, 2013 after eight months of planning, designing, coding, and testing by software engineer Muhammad Al-Asadi, CEO and Co-founder, and his team of developers.

Our goal is to extract the most valuable domain names from a large number of daily drops and deliver them to the right investor. We examine and hard process each domain and check it against specific criteria to ensure that it has some value, and can be used for monetization, development, flipping at public auction, or sale directly to a potential end-user.

Our Vision:

Daily drop lists include a large number of leads. Without effective analysis, finding valuable domain names can be like finding a needle in a haystack, not to mention the time and effort required to sort through the information every day. For these reasons, our method focuses on recognizing the most desired domain names while discarding worthless ones. By using this approach, the user doesnt need to filter the results or look into tens of thousands of domain names through inefficient spreadsheets or web analyzers. After completing 6 hard phases of analysis every day, the list presented to the user contains only valuable drops, ready to be delivered by daily newsletter.

We believe the business of exploiting expiring domains is just in the early stages. We intend to lead the industry as the only company that provides seller-oriented solutions to ensure that the user can take the leads we find and create maximum returns with our very unique lists, like Top Leads & Top Product Keywords.

Our Methodology:

Generally, our method aims to filter daily dropping lists by dividing domains according to several pre-defined criteria. This produces a targeted list that can be delivered without needing more research or filtration.

We produce two types of newsletters: Default and Custom, which deliver targeted thin lists to our customers.

Default Newsletter:

With this approach, valuable domains are classified into 5 types, and each type contains sub-types. The sub-type consists of a list with pre-defined criteria.

The main classifications are:

Custom Newsletter:

Although our default newsletter does cover all valuable domain drops, we also offer an expanded service that provides a smart customization panel with plenty options, and an advanced platform to produce the received domains according to your preferences. However, this service requires a Privilege subscription to be activated.

Domain Brokerage Service:

A premium domain can be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The professionals at TopNames.org are qualified and experienced to arrange a transaction to buy or sell your domain. We provide the market research that will help get the real value from your deal and make both the buyer & seller are satisfied.

Several of our sales have been on the DNJournal.com weekly charts.

Let's make the service you need flexible and easy to control.

Muhammad Al-Asadi
Co-founder & CEO

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